Coin Questions

We buy all kinds of coins, weather it is Foreign or U.S. Coins.
We also buy tokens and medals.
No never clean your coins. Collectors prefer a coin when collecting with its original patina and not being altered. Cleaning a coin can drastically reduce its value.
No this is not always true. Coin value is based on year it was made, what mint it is made at, its condition & the current market demand for such coin.
Dimes: 1964 & Prior
Quarters: 1964 & Prior
Halves: 1970 & Prior

Jewelry Questions?

Karat is a measure of gold purity in jewelry. 24K is pure gold.
So 14k is 58.5% pure gold. Higher the Karat more Valuable the item is per Gram.
Yes we do. Little diamonds 1/4 carat or smaller doesn't have much value currently. We do pay top dollar for diamonds that are 1/2 Carat or bigger.
That is the measurement that we use to Weigh your Gold or Platinum. There are 20 Pennyweights in a Troy Ounce. Which is the same as 31.1 Grams in a Troy Ounce.
We will buy any Jewelry that is made out of Gold, Silver, platinum or palladiam.
No jewelry stores mark up there items 5 to 10 Times the value of the actual metal or current diamond wholesale price. You pay for there name and there craftsmanship when purchasing these items from a Big Box Retailer.

Sports Cards & Military Questions?

No currently we do not. We will look at any collection you have to determine value. We will buy most sports cards from 1975 & Prior. Unfortunaly Most, but not all, sports cards & Comics from 1975 till current have hardly any value.
Military Items we will consign for you. Our charge is 20% consignment fee. We will either list it on our webpage for sale or we can put it in our weekly auctions.

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